Your Process is Unique

Often, what we need to get moving toward our goals and dreams requires a release of limiting beliefs, and an undoing of the conditioning around what we think is possible. 
This means being vulnerable as we connect with our true desires and find more authentic expression of who we are.
Embracing new experiences and bringing awareness of our needs into our daily routine shows us what we are capable of. 

You can start this journey right where you are with what you have.
And I can help.

As a therapist, mental health consultant and artist, I have spent years providing transformative and healing facilitation. 
I believe that life isn’t just about getting from point A to point B, but rather the process of exploration - getting clear about where we are and what we want, and discovering our best path.

Living a fulfilling life starts with getting real about what we want and need. 

Through guided online engagement, I will help you gain clarity about your personal goals and prioritize your needs as you create a focused daily practice. 
I provide down-to-earth feedback, as well as tools and creative strategies for living. 

I offer holistic life coaching which explores:

  • Finding more balance and flow in your daily life by developing a more sustainable routine
  • Navigating life transitions and identifying patterns which are keeping you stuck
  • Connecting with your internal and external wells of resource and abundance
  • Building a solid foundation of self-care and wellness practices

I also offer specific coaching and development for artists & creatives:

  • Writing artist statements and bios 
  • Connecting with and clarifying the value & vision of your work
  • Getting organized, time management and making progress with goals & projects
  • Moving through resistance and getting more focused in your creative & artistic practice

How I Work

Coaching is a collaborative process of exploration and change. 
My coaching sessions are completely personalized based on client focus and needs - I don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach. This means that what YOU bring to the sessions is what we will work with, while also looking holistically at your life for integration. We will work together to clarify your personal goals and desires, and create a customized action plan and daily practices which support your movement and growth.

In our sessions, we will:

  • Define what it is you want to shift or expand
  • Identify obstacles and patterns that are holding you back
  • Process feelings, thoughts and beliefs that create resistance and keep you stuck
  • Reveal inner strengths and resources that support your goals and desires 
  • Develop a clear plan of action steps that will move you forward
  • Create a daily process with tools that will keep you in alignment with what you want to experience

Let's Get Started

I offer coaching sessions via live video (so I can see your beautiful face) or text (great for introverts), with weekly email check-ins to keep you engaged, inspired and focused on your process.

Individual Session, $100: 
- Includes (1) 60-minute video session (Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts) and (1) follow-up email; or (1) 60-minute text session and (1) follow-up email

This is great as an entry point or follow-up, whether you want to take the first step toward exploring and identifying your goals, or as ongoing support in your journey.

4-Week Coaching Program, $300: 
- Includes (4) 60-minute video sessions (Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts) and (4) follow-up emails; or (4) 60-minute text sessions and (4) follow-up emails

This program is designed to help you get clear about your goals and acquire the tools to actualize them, while deepening your process over a longer time frame. 
Scheduling weekly coaching sessions is recommended but not required.