Creating A Supportive Practice

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It’s been an intense week. So many of us are struggling to process our feelings in response to the violence in our communities that we have been or are becoming aware of, and are being exposed to the heightened intensity of social and news media around recent events. I find myself sitting with myriad emotions - anger, sadness, frustration, grief - and needing to ground myself in activities that bring me some peace of mind and body.

This is when I turn to my self-care practice for support and nourishment - writing in my journal, doing yoga asanas, and meditating outside. Smudging my body and home with sage and giving myself Reiki treatments help to clear and balance my energy. These are some of the tools I use to create space for mindfulness and reflection, release and expansion. My practice is what connects me to how I want to feel in my life, and keeps me in alignment with my larger vision and goals. It is time I make, every day, for healing and growth.

Having a supportive practice is a way to make space for ourselves, and can be stabilizing during challenging times. It can also keep us grounded as we navigate periods of change and transition. When we create space for ourselves through a supportive practice, we are taking care of our own needs, after which we can focus on other things and people with more attention and awareness, and bring our whole, present selves to the experience of our lives.

If you are looking to create a practice, a good starting point is to ask yourself what you need. How do you want to feel? That answer may emerge as a desire to feel more relaxed and comforted, or perhaps more energized and motivated. Which activities, tools and rituals support and meet your needs? Are there some you have already been doing? Some you’d like to try? Make space for your practice in the morning or whatever time works best for you - the important thing is that you commit to it.

Start small. What can you do in five, ten, or twenty minutes of the day, just for you?


If you need support in developing a sustainable practice, I look forward to connecting over a session.

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Kyana Brindle