Kyana Brindle is a performing artist from New York City who lives in Belize, Central America. She has worked collaboratively and as a solo artist, premiering her one-woman show ‘Between Spaces’ at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. She has been a member of various artist collectives, including Nfinit Foundation Arts, and has performed for years as a poet, vocalist and actor. Her work explores black womanhood and the body, identity, healing and ritual. She has used creative engagement as tools for social change, facilitating workshops with youth and adults in educational and community spaces.


Kyana Brindle photo by Briheda Haylock
photo by Briheda Haylock

Recent Work

I Am The Lovers: A Healing Ritual of the Tarot

Image Factory Art Foundation, Belize 2017

A performance exploring themes of The Lovers tarot card

I Am The Lovers at Introversion.Extroversion.Performance

Wildfire art space, Belize 2017

I Am The Lovers @ Wildfire photo by Cayo Scoop
photo by Cayo Scoop


Image Factory Art Foundation, Belize 2016

A meditation on self-love inspired by Nina Simone, Yemaya, Oshún and ancestral practice

Altared @ Empyrean: An Exploration of the 4 Brahma Viharas through Ritual, Sound & Movement

Kyana Brindle and Jamaul Roots

Empyrean Art Center, Belize 2015

A performance movement through the four Buddhist sublime states of (metta) loving-kindness, (karuna) compassion, (mudita) appreciative joy and (upekkha) equanimity, using sitting meditation, healing elements and ritual

Altared @ Empyrean photo by Roland Xavier photo by Roland Xavier

Altared @ LAB2

Kyana Brindle and Jamaul Roots

Image Factory Art Foundation, Belize 2015

A ritual exploration of duality, healing and release performed at the Image Factory LAB experimental art series curated by Katie Numi Usher

Naked Layers

Developed with Novel Idea of Nfinit Foundation Arts, a series of film vignettes exploring vulnerability, body image, identity, and representations of black women

Naked Layers Imagoes photo by Nove Idea photo by Novel Idea

Naked Layers was exhibited in Looking to the Self, Looking Into Others: An Intersectional Conversation hosted by Garner Arts Center and ArtShape Mammoth at the Garner Arts Festival 2017

Naked Layers: Mud photo by Novel Idea photo by Novel Idea

For more about Naked Layers, visit Nfinit Foundation Arts